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Clinical Anatomy by Regions 9th Edition PDF download

Clinical Anatomy by Regions 9th Edition PDF download by Richard S. Snell
Widely praised for its clear and consistent organization, abundant illustrations, and emphasis on clinical applications, Clinical Anatomy by Regions delivers the user-friendly features and expert perspectives that have made the textbook one of the top teaching and learning resources for those seeking insights into the practical application of anatomy. Ideal for medical, dental, allied health, and nursing programs, this book guides students through the fundamentals of human anatomy, explaining the how and why behind each structure, and offering readers the hands-on guidance they need to make sound clinical choices.
Organized by body region from surface to deep structures, this new edition features:
  • Updated design and layout allowing for a shorter, more focused text
  • Enhanced color illustrations and art program to facilitate visual learning
  • Basic Clinical Anatomy sections with essential information on gross anatomic structures of clinical significance
  • Chapter Objectives that focus students on material most important to their preparedness for the patient encounter
  • Clinical Notes highlighting the clinical importance of anatomical information
  • Embryologic Notes with insight on developmental anatomy
  • Numerous examples of clinical images to support the text
  • Surface Anatomy sections explaining surface landmarks of important structures
  • Online E-Book and Interactive Question Bank
Publication date: November 7, 2011


Richard S. Snell, M.R.C.S. , L.R.C.P., M.B. , B.S., M.D. , Ph.D. , Emeritus  Professor of Anatomy , (formerly Chairman of the  Department  of Anatomy) , George Washington University , School  of Medicine and Health Sciences , Washington, District of Columbia , Previously , Associate Professor of Anatomy and Medicine,  Yale University Medical School , Lecturer  in Anatomy,  King’s College, University of London , Visiting Professor of Anatomy,  Harvard Medical School

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